Live Writely

When you get Stuck

Ultimately what I’m badly trying to say is that the best way to go about breaking down that wall that just slammed in front of your creativity is to face it head on, and then back down once you realize that fighting it will only make it worse.

Take a Break!

The more time you take to yourself, the quicker you fall out of the grind that you had tried so hard to build up.  It takes two days of not changing clothes and living off of your couch to ruin every big stride you ever tried to accomplish.  Not that I would know of course…

Thank you NaNo!

I owe a giant thank you to NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month, for those of you writers who are living a sheltered life.  Now you ask “How the actual F*** did a website change your life?” Bare with me folks, it’s about to get real.