Though this website is hosted by New Traditions Publishing, it is primarily run by editors and writers Brandon Cliffe and Courtney Olson.  If you want more information on the company, please click the above link to be directed to their website.


Brandon Cliffe –

“I started writing professionally in highschool, writing academic papers for people I knew.  That was something that I did into college and eventually it led to freelance writing.  I had always written fiction of my own, but never done anything with it.  While I was doing freelance writing I helped found New Traditions, as a hope to create the publishing house I wanted to work with.  Sure, may be a little selfish.  But oh well.  Now I want to work with people who love writing as much as I do.  That’s why I’m here.”


Courtney Olson –

“My first appearance in the world of literature was at age 12 when, on a whim I submitted a short story to Seventeen magazine and got picked for print. After that I wrote under the covers and kept my works in the dark until high school.  At which time I wrote my first full length novel (which was lost in transition from one old PC to a slightly less old PC). I credit most of my success to NaNoWriMo, because without them I wouldn’t have ventured out. I did several projects through UpWork, where she started to build a writing resume. Now, I co-own and operate New Traditions Publishing, where I am happily fitting into my niche in the world.”