Character Design – Back to Basics

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Hello! Hello!

Whilst I have been spending more time at home due to the pandemic, I have also had some more time to explore the things that I love, like drawing! I thought since I am searching for drawing tutorials, I would post some examples of the ones I really like. There is this cool tutorial I found on SOS Factory featuring a quick, fun exercise about the basics of character design: shapes. You can find that tutorial here:

My favorite thing to draw is original characters. My brain is swimming with all sorts of shifty, cutesy, beefy characters and sometimes when I try to draw them they don’t quite convey what I want them to convey. They’re bland. Blah. Mundane. So, how do you spice up your character design? Draw a character based on a singular S H A P E. Try it out! Here is where I started.


Three basic shapes: square, circle, triangle. Now you have to use some imagination here and develop a character that still resembles the original shape. This was kind of a challenge for me since I tend to get stuck in the rut of drawing the same body/facial types. If you’re having trouble visualizing this just do several different versions until you start to get in the groove and come up with something that you feel confident with. If the first draft isn’t right, keeping going because that’s the point of the exercise.


Aaaaand here is what I came up with. So I started with the square, and I feel like the personality of my character did not quite come through here since I was trying to figure out who my character was AS I was drawing it, which I think was the wrong way to go about it. So I think he still came out quite ambiguous, but the practice of drawing a square body was still fun!

The circle was my 2nd try, and I feel like it came out a bit better, with more personality. But I think the legs are too rigid, and the pose is not quite what I would like. If I was to make this character into a silhouette, I think the pose would be confusing to the eye.

Now the third character, the triangle, came out the best in my opinion. The pose is dynamic. The personality of the character shines through as an outgoing, confident, yet wacky person. I was able to draw a body shape that I don’t think I have ever drawn before, utilizing the saggy pants as part of the design.

So if you want to challenge yourself and go outside the box definitely try this exercise. This was a great refresh that I needed to spice up my stale drawings that all had the same body type and face. Let me know in the comments below if you tried this and how you felt about it. Or if you have any other cool tutorials for me to check out.

Bye Bye!

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