The Definition of Success and the Dangers of Contentment

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Today I want to discuss the definition of success.


I realize that to individual people that definition is going to change.  But something that annoys me in people is contentment.  Again, the definition of which is going to change slightly from person to person when it comes to their lives.  And I most certainly don’t mean to shit on people who are happy with where they are or people who have reached where they want to be.

I would say that, to me, the definition of success is being happy with where you are.  It has nothing to do with the money in my eyes.  If you make a difference, are doing something you love, or even just ok with the effort to payout ratio of what you’re doing in your life, I would say you are successful.

Many people will say that success is measured by how much money or impact you make.  To some people, that paycheck or your name in records and history books is all that matters at the end.  So be it.  To each their own.  But that discounts the people who work their asses off at jobs they hate to put food on their table or take a pay cut because the work is meaningful to them.  I don’t want to leave any of these people out so I’m not going to list positions with the exception of two – Nurses and Teachers.  Many people in these two professions don’t stay for the money.  There is little chance of them being world-famous with what they do.  But they do it, day in and day out.  When you make decisions like that, to help people and to teach, your giving your time and to some extent, your comfort for the benefit of the people around you and those are professions of love.  When you are happy with something like that, you are also successful in my eyes.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t want more, and these aren’t the people I’m frustrated with in my life.  It’s the people who are unhappy with their jobs, unhappy with their family, unhappy with their lives and yet the effort needed to better themselves and their lives is too much for them.  They are content with being in those situations, yet they continue to complain about it.  These kinds of people I don’t understand.  I don’t understand people who don’t want more.  Not more money, but more from themselves.  There is always more that you can do, more money to make, more people to help, more things to do.  Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it, and do more of it.  When there are people who cannot find work or are working at something that they hate or is killing them just to push to their next level, how can people see an opportunity to be more and say no? Just to turn around and complain about not being able to do more.  You don’t get that right anymore.  When so many people don’t have an opportunity or a chance to move forward without immense amounts of work, you don’t get to complain when you turn down a chance at the same.

There is always more to be done.  Chasing your dreams doesn’t mean giving up on success.  But to be successful you need goals or a purpose to push towards.  If those goals are as simple as surviving this month, then good for you.  But to drift day to day in your life, with options, and complain about what you have without making any effort to change I just don’t understand.

If you want something from your life, you can build it.  It doesn’t matter how far off it may be, you can start somewhere.  It just takes time and effort.  You have to want it.  And if your not willing to give that effort, then I don’t think you want it very much.  If you CAN’T give that effort, for whatever reason, I get it.  But when you are fully capable of giving the time and the effort, and you chose to watch more Netflix instead, I don’t think you want it.

Let’s say for example that you want to be a streamer or YouTuber.  Everyone these days does.  Yes, that goal is a ways away.  But it starts now.  If your rig isn’t perfect that’s fine.  No one expects this small channel to be of high quality right away.  What they expect is personality and effort.  You have to try.  Go live with no viewers and play something you like.  Record and release those videos of you talking about something you care about for 3 views in a month.  Build yourself, and your brand from the ground up.

But keep doing it.  It’s slow to build from the start.  But people will come because of you and the content you create.  Keep doing it.  Schedule when you’re going to stream and follow that.  Release your videos when you say you’re going to.  Your audience may be small but if you don’t take yourself seriously neither will they.  You will slowly be able to build up to where you want to be and hopefully make it a full-time job.  You’re not going to blow up in two weeks and make bank.  It takes time and it takes effort, but that’s how you’re going to grow.  If you are not going to give it that, or you’re going to be off and on, then you’re not serious about it and you won’t ever make it there.

I know people on both sides of this.  People who say they want to get into the industry but they don’t have the software they need or the PC to do it well.  And people who have kept at it and keep going despite a slow growth.  The difference is how much you want it.

If you’ve accomplished everything you want in your life or you’re happy with where you are, then to me you are a massive success and I envy you.  Pursue other goals, or don’t, that’s up to you.  But if you’re not happy with your life, and you want something that feels out of reach, you owe it to yourself to try for it.  To really try, and to give it you’re all.  Don’t quit your job right away, but give it what you can.  Take a leap of faith and put yourself out there. But you have to start by taking yourself seriously if you want anyone else to.  Hold yourself accountable as if you had that 1.5 million subscriber channel.  Because someday you will.


Just follow your heart and do what YOU want to do.  If you want a change in life, make it happen.  If you’re not willing to make the change, then you don’t want that goal very much.

“Don’t talk about it, be about it.”


End rant I suppose.  This was sitting in my drafts for a while now, written when I was irritated at some of the people I had seen around the web and my real-life complaining about circumstances that they actually have the power to change, and when given the opportunity to change them, refused because they would rather play video games alone.  They made excuse after excuse and didn’t change anything.

I do realize now after all this time that there is a place in this world for that life as well.  It’s just not one for me.  So I’m going to release this with a different hope.  That you can recognize that your success is personal to you and that only you can determine what that means.  And to encourage you all to go out there and try something new in pursuance of your goals.  A small stream of consciousness rant that I wrote out and didn’t release.

With me trying to come back and post things like this more often, without fear of what people think, I thought it pertinent for me to be able to live up to my own advice.  I want to be able to post things like this that are real, to me or to you.  And this was a very real argument I faced in my real life.  I wrote it to justify things in my life, and hope to justify them in yours.  And now, I’ll release it to the public to judge and decide what they think.


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