Back To Basics

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Let’s face it, everything kind of exploded about 6 months ago, didn’t it?

No one thought it could get worse, or more convoluted out there, but it did, and I’ll be the first one to admit that I got caught up in it.  From high profile suicides and political corruption to local and international disasters, it felt like everyone just needed a break and couldn’t find one.  I think we all needed to just live life a little bit and get outside of ourselves.

But now, here in The United States, we face economic and ecologic issues abound, a failure of government on both sides of the aisle, and an impeachment trial looming over all of us day in and day out.

Or so the media would have us all believe.

I know that this isn’t really the place to talk about politics, and I’m not about to change my writing and my entire platform to be able to.  But ya know what?  We need to talk about some of this.  So I’m not going to shy away from it anymore.  On top of me rededicating myself to a variety of projects and bringing back a lot of old stuff I’ve had on my shelf, I’m going to be reviving this platform.

I had always viewed this site as a place for us to talk about things that influenced our writing, and it is, but anyone who has written anything before knows this – Life affects our writing more than anything else.  So why do we not talk about life?  So strap in, and prepare to hate me or love me, because, in addition to our regularly scheduled content returning, I’m bringing more to the table.  Politics, Life, Local News, World News, AND Writing and Professional tips and anecdotes.  I’m going to write about it all, and I’m going to write about it significantly more often than I did.  Because if there are two things in this world I love, they are life and writing.  So why not merge the two?


I’ve got another 3 posts queued up for this weekend already, so I’ll see you all soon.  And Meagan, Courtney, if you guys read this, I encourage you both to do the same.  Let’s get back to basics and knock this out of the park.

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