Lady Luck

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I had some time today, and decided to write a silly one-off. ūüôā I’m not great at writing, but I had fun with this one. So just don’t take it too seriously and it should hopefully be an enjoyable read.


It’s just been discovered that luck is a hereditary trait. During the time that gene studies became popular in the 1920’s scientists were studying the dominant traits in humans that were passed down through certain individuals. It is known that blue eyes are more rare than brown eyes, and green eyes are more rare than blue, etc. But this group of scientists weren’t studying the possibility of luck being hereditary in the first place. They were there to study personality traits passed through DNA such as increased levels of aggression or anxiety. However, when they came across one subject (case no. 1297) who explained to the scientists’ questions about heritage that her father, grandfather, great grandfather, and his parents before him were all extremely…..lucky….they paused to listen.

Naturally the team questioning her for their test did not put much stock in this at first, but when she provided examples and newspaper clippings as evidence to her claim it certainly peaked their interest at the very least.

Her name was Ruby.

When Ruby was 5 her grandfather won the lottery. She was pictured in a black and grey dress seated in his lap as he proudly displayed the massive check for $60 million dollars. Ruby and her family were instant millionaires over night. But according to Ruby, that was the biggest recorded use of their luck passed down through the family.

She has word of mouth reports from her grandparents that when their family first crossed over from Poland and started a new life in America as poor farmers that when others were struck with drought or a bad crop season their families’ plot flourished with no explanation. Naturally the others around them became quite suspicious, so her family sold the farm (for an exorbitant amount of cash), and became gypsies of sorts. Others started to become suspicious when they were¬†too¬†lucky all¬†too¬†often. And so they would move on.

Another instance of their great luck is Ruby’s aunt. She had been in a terrible car crash during her twenties. She and her friends had all just come from a party and had been drinking quite heavily. The car flipped 6 times, and flew into a tree. Some of her friends’ bodies had been found flung from the vehicle with the force of the crash. All of them died either instantaneously or later in the hospital. Ruby’s aunt woke in the hospital scratched and bruised, but without any significant damage reported. Ruby displayed the medical records to testify this.

Ruby proudly claimed that her father’s lucky moment was when he got her mother to agree to marry him. He was an awkward writer with no social skills to speak of, and she just happened to be a waitress at the cafe he would frequent when he was in a creative slump. It was her very first day on the job, and she had been messing everything up all day, spilling drinks, and bringing out incorrect orders to the wrong tables.

She was passing by his table with a tray filled to the brim with several steaming plates of food, and drinks for six when she tripped on her shoelace. Ruby’s father reached out with two hands on impulse, and ended up not only keeping all of the items on the place without so much as a jostle, but also¬†literally¬†sweeping her off her feet by wrapping an arm around her to keep her from face-planting.

The scientists listening to this account all looked at each other incredulously since there was no factual evidence to corroborate Ruby’s story. Then one of them piped up and asked her what was¬†her¬†lucky moment?

She grew deadly serious then. And told them all that if she told them, she couldn’t guarantee their safety since of course….they weren’t born with luck the way she was.

From there the entire research project changed, and became an analysis of the credibility of this one girl’s statements. Ruby and her family are the stars of their paperwork, but amazingly after more inquiries were made and questions were changed in their tests….they found more. More testaments of lucky streaks running through family trees. And it became apparent that while some people do experience lucky or unlucky breaks from time-to-time, the frequency and volume of the luck that you experience is determined by your parents.

What we are all supposed to do with this information now is up to us. Next time you find yourself narrowly missing the sharp corner of a table you would have otherwise bumped into, waking up on time for work when you forgot to set your alarm, or finding $20 on the street randomly….perhaps a long time ago….your ancestors were experiencing the same things and transferred their good fortune all the way down to you.





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