The Loneliest Girl in The Universe: Book Review

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It’s been a long time on this blog since there have been any updates. Seems like we are all pretty busy doing our own things. But I did get to finally squeeze in some time to do some reading.

“The Loneliest Girl in The Universe” by Lauren James is my newest conquest. It’s a sci-fi, thriller about a girl who is left as humanity’s last hope for colonization on another planet. Romy’s parents were supposed to stay awake during the journey while the entire crew was in cryo sleep. They would get to their destination. Safely land. And wake everyone else up to start colonization.

But what was unplanned, was Romy’s mom becoming pregnant. NASA wasn’t prepared with supplies for a baby during the voyage, and because I won’t spoil anything for you…just know that this caused some pretty bad stuff to happen. Every space journey is planned up to the most minuscule items on board, so yeah it really threw a wrench into their calculations.

Romy is the first person born in space, never knowing the ground or sky or any other human beings. Because of that, she’s spent her whole life dreaming of making friends, going to parties, and getting her first boyfriend like any typical teenage girl would be. As a reader, you really get a sense for how isolated she feels all alone, without anyone to confide in other than her diary.

Now she’s older, and she gets a message from NASA that another, faster ship, will be joining hers to help speed up her voyage. She’s so excited to finally not be alone! Her messages with the other commander take months to transmit, but Romy, having not experienced companionship with someone before, finds herself possibly falling in love with a person she has never met.

Trouble is brewing though. Her old ship is starting to show signs of malfunction. A war is breaking out on Earth. And in the mean time, NASA is no longer sending her messages of the progress of her journey. Total silence. Her only form of communication is through Commander J now. He seems to be her saving grace, keeping her from losing her damn mind from the solitude of deep space.

But…is he really who she thought he was? When the two finally meet, by way of connecting ships, Romy discovers that J has actually lied about many aspects of his life….And the shit really hits the fan. For the first time in her life, she realizes that being alone may not have been the worst thing that could have happened to her.

I won’t spoil things too much because I highly recommend you just read the book to find out what secrets unfold. But strap in for a slow build. The book doesn’t reveal anything until at least 2/3’s of the way in, but it’s all the better for it. It’s dark. Twisted. And leaves you feeling oddly ravaged, and empowered all at the same time by the end.

5 stars!

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