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Hello again everyone!


I’m back again today to talk about yet another fun thing you may be interested in being involved with.

Because Courtney and I have problems managing our time, and we still want to keep up with reading despite crammed schedules, we started reading one book a month.  The intentions of which were to discuss the book on the Live Writely podcast once we have some backlogged content to give you all.  But I thought we’d take it another step forward and make an entire event out of it.

So today we launched the Live Writely Book Club on Facebook.  We will be posting book recommendations and taking recommendations from all of you there if you wanted to read along with us.  The group can be used for writing, reading, drawing, whatever it is you want to be able to keep going on you can post updates there.

We will be voting communally on most of the books we will be reading and running our promotions there as well as here (multiple entries if you like there and here 😉 ).  We wanted to be able to have a place to discuss the books we read while we put together reviews and podcasts and this will also give you a voice in what we may want to say about it so share your opinions!


Alright maybe I’m not doing a great job explaining it, but I definitely recommend joining and letting us know what you think.  There are a few questions you’ll be asked when you join, that’s just so we get to know you a little bit better as you come in to help work on what books we should read next.

Not joining for reading?  That’s fine!  Just tell us in those fields what you ARE joining for and we’ll make it all work.


You can find the group page here if you want to join.  We’re flying a bit by the seat of our pants with this right now so excuse how quickly everything was thrown together.  We just want to get a better sense of our community and get more in touch with our readers.


Hope to see you all there, and wish us luck!

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