Why I don’t write about people I know

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I do NOT write people I know


“Can I be a character in your story?”

NO. NO. NO. NOOOOO. No. You cannot.

One of my number one rule when writing is: Do not write someone you know.

This is not for me, but for you.

I would be more than happy to write people that I know, but they would probably hate me afterwards. Actually, that’s a lie, I really don’t like mingling the real with my brain.

In general, people like wearing rose colored glasses. Their flaws are simply theirs, and no one is allowed to point them out. I embrace that aspect of humanity, and I poke at it. Unregretfully. If you have a giant forehead and one crooked tooth, you can bet your left ass cheek that I will make it known.

“But pleeeasseee? I won’t get mad.”

Aight, BET (as the youth say). The thing is, you will get mad, and I can be certain of this. 

One of the main reasons that I will say no is because I kill most characters that I write. There are very few that have survived, and of that, even fewer who have seen the end of a novel. No one likes the way they have been killed, and they want to argue with me. “You need to make it epic. Make my death mean something.” or “Courtney, why did that have to be so cruel. You could have coup de grace’d me or let me die in a field of Daisies.”

And even if I did cave, the story would be vastly different from what I would normally write, in fear of what the person would think. I have written many romances around the likenesses of people who would never have even read them, simply because they have asked for it. And for those of you that know me, I hate romance (will touch on that in a future blog. Probably. Possibly. Maybe. If I remember).

At the end of it, too, if you liked it, you would come back for more. Just like a child who has tasted chocolate for the first time,  you would crave that piece of art, just to bank off of that pride for another few moments. And I am not in it to please people.

But what it comes down to is character and story creation is extremely important to a writer, and should not be interfered in. Chances are, if I chose to use a person I know, or a likeness of, that person will not know about it anyways. So keep that in mind *insert winky face emoji*

It’s nothing personal, really. It’s just business.



*End Rant*


-The slightly agitated, but also kind of not, Courtney

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  1. …I know. I have asked those same questions from you. I think I literally said, ‘Make me a bad ass villain that dies in a really cool way!” And you were like, ‘uuuhm? Sure? Maybe? Some day?’. Lol.

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