30 Day Drawing Challenge

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30 Day Drawing Challenge


Greetings everyone!

You may have seen Courtney’s last post about NaNoWrimo, and gotten inspired to create a kick ass story. Well, if you’re like me, and you’re more of a drawer than a writer I pose to you this challenge. It’s the 30-day drawing challenge. You may have seen a lot of these going around, and I know Inktober is very popular in October. But whose to say that you can’t do this in November as well? Or all year long? Now that’s some dedication.

So, go forth to write, draw, and create. Be inspired. If you sometimes get lost in what to do you can follow a great template like the one above. It gives some thoughtful examples when you have an art block, and allows you to push your boundaries in a way you might not have explored previously.

I will be attempting this challenge in November as well. You’ll probably see some bad sketches as I try to keep up with the day to day drawing. But that’s the whole point right? Who cares if it’s not the greatest as long as you accomplish something. At the end of the 30 days you will be able to congratulate yourself on completing a task you set out to do. And that’s satisfying as hell.


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