NaNoWriMo 2018

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An Ode to Insanity

Another year of NaNoWriMo is headed in full throttle, and for once, I can say that I am SO EXCITED. HOLY SHIT.


“You need a little bit of Insanity to do great things.” -Henry Rollins

Some of y’all are like “Courtney, you are so dramatic, NaNo isn’t that bad.” And, normally, I’d agree. But my shoes are filled to the brim this year. I work two part-time (which really means two full time. Stay in school kids) jobs, on top of New Traditions Publishing, Podcasts, trying to read, pretending like I’m going to update the blog more frequently (lol sorry), finding time to sleep, and also hitting the gym once in a while so my ass won’t get too out of control. When NaNo strikes, I have to put on my “Sleep is for the weak!” hat and push through insomnia and latent onset insanity.

What separates this year from all the others is that I actually prepared for this one!

And yes, this is cause for celebration. Because as far as being a writer goes I am quite Chaotic. I don’t normally plan out ANYTHING. No character bible, no outline, hell, I hardly ever even have a storyline planned out. I normally sit down and start with a scene and then move on from there. “Okay, so this person is dead. Who, what, where, when, why, how, and to what theme song?” And then I hope for the best, resulting in unorganized babble that is equivalent to half the size of a Hobbit novel.

But this year I put on my big girl pants and decided to do some planning. Yaaaaaaaas bitch! I have a character bible, an outline, and even a story to tell! Yahoo!!

*on a side note, ya’ll should wait at the edge of your seats, because Brandon and I are going to dip in on the same world and idea, and do some colab work*

For those of you that have not delved into NaNoWriMo, you should be ashamed of yourself, and you should do it. Just f***ing DO IT. It will help you out in ways that you cannot understand until afterwards. Most people- writers included- swear up and down that they could never write a novel, let alone in a month. But let me tell you it is possible, and it is phenomenal. You will learn so much about yourself, your writing, and your capabilities. When I first started started my journey through NaNo, I was rough and undefined, and pushing through that ~1700 word daily goal was excruciating. Brandon and I sat in front of our laptops for hours, some nights barely hitting that mark. But now I can successfully hit that number in a couple of hours, and it isn’t nearly as painstaking. Not to mention the fact that it helped my writing out so much. Watch your writing transform in front of your eyes. Albeit, it normally takes more than one year of NaNo, but it does happen.

For those of you that struggled with NaNo last year (or other years in the past) and are looking for advice, the one thing I can tell you is not to let it get to you and to push on. If you really have no idea what to do, just skip that part and move on, you can add more when you go back and edit.

Do not, and I mean DO NOT, go back and edit as you go. Just write. Those cringey sentences can wait until december when you go back and edit everything.

And when you hit your strides, just ride the waves. Sometimes you can walk away from your computer/laptop/whatever-the-hell-else with 2500+ words added to your masterpiece. Do not try and stop yourself or interrupt the flow.


On a side note, I apologize for being absent, however my absence is not at all a creative death. I was busy working on submissions and projects, and getting things in line, as well as trying to uphold the life of a normal 25 year old (Yeah, I know, what a concept). Where I have been absent on Live Writely, I have been immersed in the beauty of work.

With that, we have two new works out, so ya’ll should check out Civil blood by V. Renae, Hope in Paris and Chloe’s Crusade by Donnalyn Vojta, and Elsewhere by Rachael Palumbo.

Stay tuned for other books that will come on the market by the end of the year, as we are not quite done with our reign of 2018.

Thanks for getting all the way through this, and as always, follow us on social media!


-Courtney The Dramatic

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