Shout out of the Week 5

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I almost forgot to do a shout out of the week! This week’s shout out goes to  Laura Brouwers AKA: Cyarine! She’s a huge instagrammer, but I originally discovered her from DeviantArt way back in the day.


She often draws from real life, using herself as the subject. Her grasp of the human anatomy and different poses is exquisite.

laura fashion

She’s also a fashion icon. Her drawings are often based on the outfits she is wearing for that day. I’m pretty terrible at drawing clothes, and have awful fashion sense so Cyarine is definitely my inspiration for what looks good since I just can’t be trusted in that regard.


Her work ranges from the sketchy, and stylistic in a Disney-esque sort of depiction…


…to the intensely realistic, and beautifully rendered shadings. She’s very versatile, and no matter what she’s drawing it always seems to have a certain quality, and style that is unique to herself.


Interested in seeing more of Cyarine? Check her out below!


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