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I have just come back from my vacation rejuvenated and ready to go! All it takes is a little break to feel refreshed. And while I was on vacation I bought a few books. One of them is the delightful graphic novel, “Hillbilly” by Eric  Powell.

If you like horror and fantasy, this is a fantastic book for you. Hillbilly is about a…well…a hillbilly. The main character is named Rondel who is a wandering witch-hunter. A witch tricked him as a child, so ever since then he vowed to make witches his prey. He would act as judge, jury,  and executioner in doting out punishment to the wicked of the Southern lands.

There are multiple stories in volume 1. Each depicts a different period in Rondel’s life. 1 story is the beginning, where we learn of Rondel’s past and how he acquired his cleaver. It goes into detail on how his eyes came to look the way they do (pitch black and stained with tears), and his first encounter with a witch.

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Another tale depicts Death riding a pale horse, and how he follows Rondel in his journey to save an innocent soul. The Fiddle that Screamed for Blood is a great story within the book where we see Rondel actually having fun at a party, but it is crashed by a possessed fiddle interrupting his good fun. Finally, The Flesh Eating Witch Child of Hoodoo Ridge is my favorite as Rondel gangs up with a team of his friends for some good old fashioned witch hunting. But it doesn’t go quite as planned…

The stories are interesting. The characters are darkly humorous. But the real reason this caught my eye…is the absolutely wonderful artistry in this graphic novel. Eric is an extremely talented artist. It’s evident in the characters he portrays with what seems like effortless craftsmanship.

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I also just really love monsters, and magical creatures. In the world of Hillbilly it seems that evil is lurking just around every corner. You never know if the person you’re talking to is really a human, or if a tree is just a tree. With witches afoot chaos ensues in the South.

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5 stars from me! I highly recommend this book to any avid fantasy/horror fanatics out there. It’s also just a great tool for artists looking to have a reference book for ‘how to draw monsters/creatures/comics’ in general.

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