Exciting News for the Future!

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Good day everyone!

Typically I don’t post anything going on in my private life here. I tend to focus on advice, other artists, or how-to’s. But I couldn’t keep this to myself anymore, and wanted to let you know what is happening with the LiveWritely gang.

We are creating something…exciting.

It’s not ready for launch yet, as we still haven’t set a date but don’t worry. We won’t be keeping you out of the loop as this progresses.

I have wanted to do my very own podcast for some time. But it had always just been this far off dream. I never thought of really trying to do it. But when I told Brandon my idea, he got all excited. He was 100% on board with me on this, and somehow we came together to form this podcast. He’s a very talented writer and I appreciate all the work he has put into this.

We are in the process of working out the rest of the episodes, and recording them (featuring Courtney’s lovely voice). But here are a few quotes pulled from Episode 1 that I would like to share with you all.

Quote 1 - 2Quote 1Quote 1 - 3

Listen to our story unfold as this sci-fi, mystery unravels around the recorded tapes of recovering addict Micah Taylor. Beware the voices in the night.


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