Shout out of the Week 4

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I don’t know why I keep calling these shout out’s of the week when really, I post them maybe once a month….and they always seem to fall on the same day? Exactly? Without myself even trying to do that on purpose… The world is a mysterious place.


This shout out goes to an artist I’ve been following on Instagram for quite a while. Her name is Maruti Bitamin. She is an exceptional watercolor artist who creates these really detailed patterns and textures in most of her artwork. Here are some snapshots of her work.

Capture  Capture

The attention to detail and precision with which she manipulates watercolors is astounding to me. Those who have ever dabbled in watercolor painting know that it’s next to impossible to have controlled line-work. The water dilutes the paint, and when it is put onto a piece of paper it spreads out and goes everywhere. But somehow Maruti seems to have mastered this technique as you can tell from the pictures above.

Maruti is very connected to nature, and all of her drawings have this theme. She tends to post several drawings at least once a day, and they are all usually centered around water, earth, death & rebirth theme, Spring time, animals etc. She also has a very surrealistic style, sometimes going into the abstract as you can see below. I love how creative she is, and is always coming up with new designs like…every day!

Capture.PNG Capture Capture

Maruti has a store where you can purchase some of her prints, and various apparel items. So get yourself a T-shirt today! You can view more of Maruti’s artwork on her social media accounts here:


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