Art Block Excercise

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Have you ever been stuck in an art block before? You just have no motivation or inspiration to create anything? I often find myself sitting in front of a blank page wanting to create something, but having no idea what to draw.

Well, I found a way to combat the art block blues. Grab some paper, and some watercolor paints firstly. And then just start indiscriminately dabbing random blob shapes onto your paper. Let it dry, and see what you get. My example is below. Oh, and don’t mind my messy ass paints. I’m just a complete wreck. 🙂


Just this step, by itself, can be pretty freeing. You don’t have to think about what you’re doing or why. You’re just making random shapes with no rhyme or reason to them. But that’s only the first part.

Next you will try to come up with a drawing for each color blob shape you made. I used this as an excercise for character creation, but you can really draw whatever you feel like. My doodles below are an example of what I’m describing.


And the important aspect of this is getting creative as you design something to fit the shape of the blob you created. Try to be as true to that shape as possible and really test your imagination. I think this is also a good exercise if you find your art style growing stale or if you’re not improving at the rate you would like to be. It gets your mind back to the basics of shapes & colors without the pressure of coming up with some grand masterpiece.

Let me know if you tried this exercise, and how you felt about it! I would love to see other people’s blob works as well.

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