How to paint when you have no idea what you’re doing.

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We all come from our own walks of life. We all start somewhere. As far as painting, we all have our own level of skill, whether that is beginner, intermediate, advanced, and of course the ‘I-don’t-have-a-clue-what-I’m-doing-what-even-is-painting-and-colors-and-blending?’

I found a really great resource if you fall into any of the categories above. No really. Anyone can do this. It’s a website called Social Artworking. Basically, you can choose any of the designs they have on their website (and there are a ton!), and no matter what you choose it will come with instructions on how to paint it. There are different levels of difficulty, and it will even say approximately how long the painting should take you from start to finish. So, you don’t have to go with anything too complicated if you’re truly a beginner.

You just follow the step by step instructions, and it comes with tracing paper and a design. So, you will lay the tracing paper down, and the design on top of it. Tracing it is easy, and then you just fill in the blanks with paint. It will even describe to you how much paint and colors to apply. (ex: 1 part burnt umber, 2 parts titanium white).

You can use your own paints and paint brushes, but they also have all of the supplies on their website as well if you need them.

You can be as free form, or as by the book as you want to be. Painting should be fun, so if you would prefer to add a happy sun to your landscape you can do that! If you like the painting exactly as they have it in the instructions then you can simply follow that too.

It’s also great for parties also! I recently had a painting party at a co-worker’s house, and this activity combined with some wine and appetizers made for a fun night! It was really great because we could help each other if someone was struggling with their piece.

Click the link below to get more information on how to order your supplies, or even become a consultant for the Social Artworking site.

Also, here is my lovely painting titled, ‘Birch Trees’. It was super fun to paint, and it didn’t turn out half bad if I do say so, myself!img_20180531_094626044.jpg

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