Drawing from Feeling

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Have you ever just put on a song and put pen to paper, and see what comes out without worrying about making it perfect? I get art blocks, because more often than not I am too trapped inside my own head. I’m thinking, “What should I draw? Who should I draw? What is the message?”. And while these are things to think about, sometimes when you’re just staring at a blank canvas, and struggling to even come up with anything you need to just unplug and let your mind wander.

When you’re not worrying about the subject, or the message of your work then you’re free to explore all possibilities whether they are perfect or not. It doesn’t matter if you’ve captured the way a person’s eyelashes curl, or the exact shade of blue in the sky because you’re not drawing anything in particular. You’re just exploring, which is always beneficial even if it doesn’t turn out right. Because then, at least you have created something rather than put everything off until you come up with the perfect idea.

‘Humanity’ by Meagan Deiss. 2018.

I was just feeling pretty out of sorts the other day, and put on some music. I grabbed a piece of paper, and started scribbling loosely, just playing with colors. I was just going with the flow, not trying to draw anything in particular. I wanted to capture the song, and the feelings I had in the moment.

It’s a good exercise if you are having art blocks. Choose a song, whatever speaks to you, and try to draw that song. How do you capture the bass sound? How do you capture that melody on paper, and visually represent the feelings it brings within you? Whether it is abstract, or traditional there is no wrong answer as to what you come up with.


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