All Nighter Hacks

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We’ve all been there.

You put your term paper off until the very last minute, and now you need to pull an all nighter to get it done. You’ve got precious little time, but somehow have to churn out a whole project to save your grade, and your ass. You’re stressing, slowly falling into madness from lack of sleep, and you’re pretty sure the more you work, the more your sentences look like alien gibberish written backwards. And while slacking off until the last minute is never the ‘right’ way to get your work done, here are some tips that may make the whole process a little bit smoother when you’re on that time crunch.

1.) Fuel.

Whatever your poison of choice is, whether that’s coffee, redbull, nachos, skittles, or a big, juicy apple (Any death god’s out there? No? okay, I’ll go home….), you’ve got to keep those eyelids open and energized. According to, some of the best foods to help with this would be nuts, seeds, and fruits. Water and caffeine are the best beverages to keep you awake too. Who woulda thought?


Turn on all the lights in your house. Darkness triggers our brain into thinking, “It’s bed time!”. So, the best thing for you is to keep it bright, so you are more likely to stay awake.

3.) Focus Sounds

Plug in those headphones, and put on your favorite shit to listen to. Everyone is different. Personally, I can’t listen to an upbeat dancy song when I’m working on something because it will make me want to party. Usually, I’ll put on some Celtic Thunder or something else I find calming. I don’t know why. But it helps me focus. You find your thing that keeps your mind sharp, and really crank it up. The sounds help to block you from any distractions from the outside world. Not only that, but music is just fun to listen to, and can boost your mood while you slog through your work!

4.) Limit distractions.

This ties in with the previous point. Turn off the TV. Turn off your phone. (or at least turn off the sound) Lock your door. Tie your hair up. Put your dog to bed because that cute face is too distracting for any work to get done! I know from personal experience, every time my phone pings with an alert, text, update, etc that I get distracted and lose focus on what I’m doing (Perhaps I just have ADHD?), and before I know it I’m playing Space Corgi into the night even if I started out with a plan to get something done.

5.) Take a break!

I know this seems counterproductive, but it actually helps. According to the optimum ratio of work is 52 minutes with a 17 minute break in between. If you don’t take a break apparently your concentration, and mental function plummets. This may help combat that ‘burnt out’ feeling that tends to come on during/after an all nighter, and improve your overall efficiency with getting that project done quicker, so you can maybe catch a wink of shut eye.

6.) Bring on the Hubba Bubba!

Now this one is weird, and I didn’t know this until I was researching on, but apparently chewing gum helps improve your cognitive memory. It gets blood flow to the brain quickly. Crazy, right? This only works for a short period though, so don’t overdo it with the gum.

I hope that helped some of you procrastinators out there. Next time, try to get your shit together all right?

(Who am I kidding? I’m right there with you guys with bags under my eyes and a stack of gum next to me)

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