Why the night is my friend

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Why the night is my friend


Nyctophilia: An attraction to darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness


Everyone is different.  Some people like sunlight, others like the glow of the moon.  I am of the latter group.  There is something about the dark that pushes me to write and opens up my creative flow.  My parents have forever called me a vampire and my room the cave.  And it doesn’t help that I hardly have time to bathe in the sun, resulting in pale skin. But as an adult my cave has moved into my office, to which I am occupying at odd hours of the night, and sometimes even up to the crown of first light over the snow-covered horizon.  

One of my biggest inspirations, when I am in a complete rut, is sitting on a park bench, a couple towns over, overlooking a river and watching the water do its thing, with the moon painting it like a canvas.  I love the vast beauty of the dotting stars and creating stories from the voids of missing people.  It is peaceful, where the world is usually not, allowing my creativity to dot the scene with whatever I want.  

But at the same time, there is so much more life at night.  During the day everyone is held up at work, or with their responsibilities to their families and school and such.  But night is free. Not appointments, no class, no meetings, nothing.  I am fortunate enough to live in a University town, and I am close to Chicago as well as other pretty big cities, so I got to see the way the world goes from suits and ties to tight pants and v-necks.  At any rate, people are themselves at night.

Have you ever taken a jump in the pool at night?  Or sat in a hot tub with a glass of wine on the deck while the neighborhood sleeps?  The sun is not cooking your skin, the birds have mostly gone to sleep, and there are less cars on the road.  I love the open sound of water splashing around me at night, the way I disturb its peace.  You can hear every splash as clear as a bell, no matter no much you move.  As someone from Illinois with barely any access to a good beach (Sorry chicago, but its not the same), I revel in the few times in my life that I have waded out in the water, with fish swimming against my legs, and sand beneath my toes, then sitting on the rocks and watching the peace of the water while swimming in my thoughts.

Holy shitballs, why am I sappy right now?!  Anyways, moving on….

A factor that I cannot forget about is that I am a workhorse.  My day starts at 9am and ends at 1am or later.  I go to job number one and 9am and I get off of job number two at 9/10pm, with the rest of my time reserved for writing.  I brew some hot coffee, put on comfy pants, throw on some good music, and I sit down and write.  To some, it may seem like more work, but writing at the end of the day is a reserved passion of mine.  It is my choice.  

But the biggest thing, which I have hit on very little in this post, is that the night is my creative time.  My best work has come from sitting in my office at 2am.  I don’t know why, or what is wired differently in my mind, but I prefer the night.  I can crank out whole short stories in a night or two, my dormant love of poetry flashes its ugly and needy face, and my words get bigger and better.

Plus, the advancement of my passion stemmed from the night.  My partner (Brandon) and myself used to take long drives at night.  Listening to music, reminiscing, bullshitting, ghost hunting, and most importantly, planning.  We built up in our heads that this is what we needed to do, it was our destiny as creative individuals to harness our respective skills and force them onto the world.

Whatever your prefered time of life is, rock it, love it, play with it.

Alright folks.  It’s midnight, it’s early,  I have gotten just around 8 hours of sleep in three nights, and I am pooped.


-Courtney The Vampire


  1. Wow we are so similar!! Even I love nights 💜 it’s that time when I work peacefully and enjoy the choir of nocturnal insects 😇 and guess what ?! I did a post about my love for nights too!! So glad to find you here 😊

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