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Often when I’m working on a project I need some sort of background noise to fill the silence, and help me concentrate on my work. Usually if I’m at home I will just turn on the TV, but recently I have gotten really into podcasts as my form of entertainment. I only just started realizing how many different genres, and podcasts there were until this year. I wanted to share a few of my favorites below:

Shane & Friends

This was the first podcast that really hooked me, and it is probably my most favorite to listen to. It’s Youtuber Shane Dawson’s podcast with co-hosts Jess, and Drew. They will talk about anything from how their day is going to depression, eating disorders, sex, psychics, music, & basically anything that comes to mind. They will sometimes bring on guest stars like strippers, scare actors, animal experts, penis performers, celebrities like JoJo & Dita Von Teese, and fellow Youtuber friends. I literally never know where this show is going to go, so I HIGHLY recommend you listen with headphones only because…..you will get some very strange looks if you don’t.



This one was actually recommended to me by fellow Live Writely blogger, Courtney Olson. And it’s stuck with me since then. You may have already seen Lore on Netflix, which is a TV show based off of Aaron Mahnke’s podcast. And, while I recommend you check out the show, the podcast is still my favorite to listen to because his folktales, and ghost stories are so much more terrifying when it’s just his voice describing everything, and your own imagination filling in the blanks. Plus, his podcast has waaaay more episodes than the Netflix show, so if you need a good horror binge then the podcast is where it’s at.



This is a podcast that leaves you wondering….is this real? Or fake? It’s about a place called Limetown that all of a sudden…for no explicit reason….vanished. The entire population is gone, but the remains of the town were left standing. 10 years down the line, a descendent of one of the lost citizens of Limetown is investigating this mystery. You have to listen to this one in order because she finds out new information in each update, so please go to the very first episode titled, “What We Know”.


If you have any podcasts that you really enjoy please comment your suggestions below! I’m always on the lookout for new ones because I’m running out of things to binge!

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