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Every once in a while I want to highlight a particular artist that I’ve come across in my travels that I really liked, or found interesting. So, today I wanted to bring to your attention the amazing Ellen Jewett. She is a fantastic sculpture artist that creates life-like animal sculptures, and puts her own twist on them. Some examples are below:



On the surface, they are just cool to look at. Like….damn! It would take me years to make something like that, and it still wouldn’t look half as elegant I bet. But a lot of her sculptures have a deeper meaning to them, and each one is unique to each sculpture. You can find themes of, in her own words, “natural beauty, curiosity, colonialism, domestication, death, growth, visibility and wildness are [all] explored.”

Her artwork has a surreal, and childlike whimsy that I enjoy as well as just looking gosh darn neat!

If you haven’t heard of her, or seen her full portfolio, I highly recommend you check her out. The link to her website is below:


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