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“How do  you start a conversation with a ton of people that are expecting so much out of you, but all you can think of is ‘Hi’?”

I’m Alex, I’m 23 and I feel like an old soul.  I have a job at a tattoo shop as the shop manager -they call me a concierge, which I like much more- and I love it.  I recently dabbled in piercing, which I did enjoy, but there were circumstances where I could not continue it.  Fuck college.

I have a cat, his name is Donovan aka Donny aka Fatass.  He’s the absolute shit.

Give me dragons not lazers.  I like swords over guns, I feel like it takes more to kill someone with a sword than a gun.  I feel like it stays with them longer.

I’m terrible at writing but I have a lot to stay.  Maybe it’s something I could be good at, but at the same time there are a lot of things I can be good at.  Or maybe it’s the same way an artist views their work; like it’s never good enough.

I am an avid DnD player, I like video games, I like books and movies.

Follow me as I learn myself and hone my craft.

From me you will see reviews, most of which are my own unpopular opinions.  If you talk politics, you will get thrown out.

In ten years I may be dead, I may be doing the same thing but less happy with it.  I don’t know really, I like to live in the now.  But you always have to look to the future, but not too hard into the future.  The world keeps moving and that doomsday clock moves just as fast.

I love Matt Groening and you will hear a lot of him from me.  He is an ugly fucking man.  Don’t let him read this.  

I like to think I’m a good person, but I don’t actually know if I’ve actually done anything to validate that.  I believe that the more you move the quicker you die.  

Anyways, tell me what you want to see.

Peace out Buddies


-Alex Disz

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