Call for Submissions!

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Are you an animator, film maker, or a student with artistic aspirations to be one some day? Well you’re in luck! There is a film festival that just started looking for submissions TODAY! It is called ‘That One Film Festival’, and they are located in Muncie, Indiana. The deadline is February 5th, so hurry up and click the link below to submit your piece.

Their goal is to broaden the Midwest’s understanding of the moving image, and to contribute to the advancement of art and film in a location that isn’t perhaps, as artistically minded as other parts of the world (New York, France, London, etc). This is their first year running, so you have a very good chance of having your work included in their exhibition.

They accept shorts, and full feature films as well as animations, experimental art, documentaries, and much more!

Check out their site for all of the terms, and exclusions.

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