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So I was thinking to myself the other day about what I wanted to make sure to release in my first week of blog content.  I don’t normally like to do heavy pieces, I prefer lighter and more humorous or entertaining work, but I thought back a lot to what messages I wish I had been given.  Ignoring a lot of the typical advice you’ve all heard hundreds of times before (which is all true by the way, listen to your click baits!) I thought of one of the one bit of advice that I had to give myself.  It was my kickstarting moment to get into writing more professionally and trying to make a go of it all.  


At the time, I was barely writing much anymore.  I was collecting pages of ideas on a computer in my basement but rarely spent any time on it anymore.   


With all the stress of my life weighing down on me, I was barely able to afford the coffee I needed to do anything productive and trying to figure out how to make a living doing something I didn’t hate.  I didn’t have to like it, I just didn’t want to hate it.  I had often thought the great “What-If”s of making a living off of your hobby and laughed.  Who did that?  People who didn’t have rents to pay, that’s who.  People who didn’t need to make the money, that’s who.  And so I put off even trying.  I was a bad writer, and I didn’t expect to be able to make any money in the industry.  Why even try at that point, ya know?


But one early morning (late night) at a local IHOP I was there with a good friend of mine, and I just decided “fuck-it”.  My “Fuck-It” moment has defined the last two years of my life.  I decided that if I needed a second job, then why not try to make some cash writing while I wait for someone to call me back.  But I treated it like a job.  You know the adage, “Get a job doing what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Great words, but its bullshit.


If anything it’s the exact opposite.  


When it’s something you love, you try so much harder.  It’s all work.  It’s harder work than you’ve ever done in your life.  The difference is that it’s worth it all of a sudden.  You’re doing it for the craft, you’re doing it for yourself.  And I worked.  Starting small, I was writing some small articles, then some short stories, then full ghostwriting contracts.  And the work came easier and easier, and the payouts got bigger and bigger.  


I was doing alright, and soon after was approached with the idea for a publishing house.  Again, the thoughts came back.  How would I compete with my favorite publishers in the industry?  How could I manage to run a company that has 5 major players already established as competition?  But once again, “Fuck-It”.  


And New Traditions Publishing was born.  


It’s never going to be easy.  You’re going to want to quit.  You’re not going to have any idea how to do something, or if you even should do it.  But, fuck it.  Try.  If it’s worth wanting, it’s worth trying for.  If it’s worth trying for, it’s worth working for.  


The only advice I want to give to anyone in life who’s struggling with a change, or not sure what to do next is, make a change and take chances.  Because I chose in a caffeine-induced state that I was gonna look for a second job, I wound up helping to found a company that has allowed me to live my dream.


Again, I don’t like heavier pieces.  So I’m not going to keep this going much longer.  I’ll be back to entertaining content next time.  I just wanted to get that out there for people.  


Hope you have a great rest of your day, and take care!

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