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Let’s talk mood music


And before you get too far into reading this after getting the wrong idea, this post is about what music//background noise you (personally) need in order to get into the writing mood.  Ya pervert.  

For me, I need noise that doesn’t have words.  If someone is singing or talking my focus immediately jumps to trying to figure out what they are saying.  I know plenty of people who need a TV show or something along those lines to be playing in the background. Everyone is different and has their own inspirations.

I have recently discovered that I like Binaural beats. “Binaural beats are auditory brain-stem responses which originate in the superior olivary nucleus of each brain hemisphere. They result from two different auditory impulses or sounds, heard from opposite ears.”  (which I stole from the interwebs and will post the link at the bottom of the article).  I highly suggest you all try them, and they are especially good for those of you that have insomnia.  I play the binaural beats music, which helps me, others just use them unedited.  And they’re good for helping you study.  I crank out more work when I have Binaural beats playing.  Seriously, try it out.

I have a playlist on Spotify (my favorite music app) called Zoned where I have a strange array of music that puts me in the writing mood and holds my focus (follow it to get a taste of my inspiration).  I have a ton of music from Hans Zimmer, a cinematic music God, and an eclectic mix of other things that the common person has never even heard the name of.  My favorite of which is a composer by the name of Factor Eight, and my favorite song being Elan.

Then there is the idea that I need certain types of music based on what I am currently writing about (yes I know, I probably need therapy).  For example, when I am writing a battle scene Hans Zimmer is perfect.  His movie scores for all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, The Dark Knight, and Lord of the Rings are my own favorites, whereas Ludovico Einaudi or Jo Blankenburg are good for your slower scenes.


When I first started writing, just out of high school, I needed to be in a depressive mood.  I would listen to the saddest music I could find, and embrace the sullen feeling.  Rascal Flatts,  Lonestar, and Martina McBride were my go-to’s.  Thankfully I grew out of that.  Don’t get me wrong, some of my best work came from the worst state of mind, but I have learned to work with better.


Anyways, Thanks for reading!

Comment your favorite “mood music” and give me some new stuff to obsess over.

For more info on Binaural beats:




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