Take a Break!

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Taking little mental health breaks


I’m going to put myself on the pedestal for a moment here and make a post about something that not everyone deals with:  being a workaholic.  I work upwards of 80 hours in any given week and it’s dilapidating to say the least. So for those that know my struggles,


Everyone has their reasons- mine being an unnatural need to not let good people fail and a drive that is not easily matched- and whatever that may be, keep on keeping on!  But remember to take breaks.  Not when you are knee-deep in stacks of papers that should have been filed weeks ago or when you just lost your three best employees and are struggling to keep up with demands.  Rather, do it the day after you finished a major project or after some big obstacle.  Piggyback off the relief of accomplishment for a day and take a mental break.  

Shelf that project.  Put whatever you were doing on hold and find something new.  Be it read a book, binge an entire show on Netflix, marathon some movies, go to the park and involve yourself with a warm cup of coffee and the beauty of fall.  Anything but work. Spend some hours on google looking up the best places to vacation, even going as far as budgeting out your expenses and picking out restaurants  (but let’s be honest here, we aren’t actually going to go through with it, but it feels better to pretend like we are!).  

However don’t get greedy.

The more time you take to yourself, the quicker you fall out of the grind that you had tried so hard to build up.  It takes two days of not changing clothes and living off of your couch to ruin every big stride you ever tried to accomplish.  Not that I would know of course…

It’s good for you, I promise.  And taking a break doesn’t have to be huge like taking an entire day off, it can be something small like a lunch break or a warm cup of coffee in the morning.  Anyways my point is that it’s important to recharge your battery instead of just shaking it around and switching the slot to another one to extend its life.  In all actuality this blog entry is my mental health break- it is short and to the point- as odd as that may seem.  


Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and head my warning!




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