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* Introduction *

My name is Courtney Olson, and I am also a co-founder of New Traditions Publishing. I have an extra 30 minutes of free time in my day so I figured I’d spend it by putting out B+ content to compete with Brandon on an internet level.

On a serious note, I have folders upon folders of things that have been written from my angsty younger years, or from a depressive-state that I feel is time to leak embarrassingly with my name attached to them. We (Brandon and Myself) will each be putting out content weekly to try and compete with each other to see who can get more likes, so look for my name and ask for more of my stuff so I can beat him down. As writers, we are supposed to have a professional face and be focused, so this blog is more of an outlet for my silliness/creativity that I would not otherwise put into a book. So cheers to getting to know us through a nosegay of blog posts/classes/one-on-one seminars where we can meet as creative professionals and let loose a cacophony of our inner workings and unique personalities, as well as learn a little something from one another. Where New Traditions is affiliated with this blog, it is not an official page, which allows us to have a little (a lot?) more freedom as far as what we can post. I was told through the grapevine in a telephone game of emails that the Lawyers want us to make sure you all know that we are just doing this for fun and not to tell our moms. And please remember, this is our safe space and not to hurt our feelings (Insert winky face emoji because I’m totally kidding).

Please, if anyone has anything that they would like to see from us/Brandon/me let us know. As much as this is fun for us, it is also a good way to expand our names professionally and we want y’all to come back because we love you as much as we are able to.

You were right Brandon, I chuckled.

Welcome to Live Writely! So sit back, relax, and smash that like button (and ask for Courtney content).

Courtney Olson


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