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Yes! Welcome!


My name is Brandon Cliffe, and I am a co-founder of New Traditions Publishing.  We’ve found ourselves in a bit of a backlog of content currently that we had no place to put.  So me and my partner, Courtney, decided that the best and easiest way to release this content would be to put it out on a blog!

Well ok, confession time.  I tried two other things before this.  The New Traditions Monthly became nothing but my own writings month to month, and the attempted “blog” on our company’s website was mismanaged and hard to deal with.  So I figured that a separate thing would be best.

This is our space.  Though we work for NTP, and the company has a hand in a lot of what we do, this blog is NOT a formal New Traditions page.  Any information you find here will be us giving information, and not a formal release.  Our opinions are our own and do not reflect the formal standings of New Traditions Publishing.

There.  My lawyer said I needed something that said a bunch of that so I did it.  Now that I’ve freed myself from the corporate shackles, I plan on posting much of my older content, mixed in with some new stuff.  Courtney will also be posting things of her own from stories to articles and the like, but I’m not her and so I don’t know a lot about that.  To start, I will try and keep to a minimum of one post a week (not including the backlog I will be putting up over the course of the next few days) and try to get that to daily in the coming months as I find and produce even more content for everyone.

If you have any thoughts on anything I’ve written or I put here, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments or in an email, but please don’t put me on blast on twitter as I’m easily scared.

See?  I can be funny Courtney.

Anyways, I hope you all like what is to come!



Brandon Cliffe

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